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Detail Garage

Detail Garage is a retail and e-commerce brand specializing in car detailing and car care products. It is often associated with Chemical Guys, a prominent manufacturer of automotive detailing supplies. All in the Detail is a car detailing shop located adjacent to Detail Garage Lincoln.


Detail Garage In-Store Success


8 months (May 2022 -December 2022)


Graphic Designer


Lightroom, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere Pro


The major deterrents to in-person purchases at this specialized store include online ordering and exclusivity to products sold. People in Lincoln, NE can easily purchase the same products online or purchase them at large retail stores like the local Walmart. Car enthusiasts want this specialized car detailing product but often aren’t willing to travel out of the way to a specialized store when they can find the same product at larger online and local retailers. This ultimately leads them to save themselves from the drive and hassle of going out of their way to a store that only sells one line of product.

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Insights Gained
Insight 1
  • The most prevalent reason people don’t come to Lincoln Detail Garage is the location as it sits in a south suburb of the city.

Insight 2
  • The second reason is the exclusivity of the product. Lincoln car enthusiasts have the option to purchase Detail Product online or at their local Walmart.

Insight 3
  • Car enthusiasts can detail their whole car with the use of one Detail Garage product and do not see the need for specific cleaners for niche places of their car.

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