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Husker Dialogues

Husker Dialogues is an event that empowers first-year students to engage in courageous conversations about fostering community, celebrating diversity, and actively participating in campus life.


Husker Dialogues Branding


January 2021-May 2021


Brand Design


Illustrator, Photoshop


One of the primary hurdles faced by Husker Dialogues revolved around the absence of a distinct visual identity within the university. This lack of a recognizable visual language often caused the event to become indistinguishable from other university programs, primarily because it had to conform to the university's branding guidelines.

Transitioning online

As Husker Dialogues transitioned from an in-person to an online event, promotion was needed in order to find student volunteers who would lead these conversations amongst the incoming freshmen. 


It was important to create coherent Instagram posts that students could identify with, could spark a conversation, and have a coherent identity.

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